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Why Advertise
Want to reach a guaranteed specific targeted market? Then is the place to advertise.

Your commercials will be placed in the show that caters to your target market, giving you effective advertising exposure for the price of a post card per viewer. And your commercials will air in the archived shows, too. Commercial spots of 15, 30 and 1 minute are available.

Banner Ads
Banner advertising can be placed throughout the site, and includes rich media ads, pop up and pop under ads, banners, buttons and special section sponsorship.

Viewership includes associations like the:

  • American Podiatric Medical Association, which represents approximately 80 percent of the podiatrists in the country
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons with more than 7,000 members worldwide, and
  • AAOMS, which represents more than 7,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the United States

InTimeTV also produces original, live programming for other demographics, too. These include the well-received medical programs Chiropractic Today, Healthcare Executive, Insights In Medicine, and Talking Dentistry Live. We have also started programs targeting professional and industrial viewers such as Rags to Realtor and Running Water Matters.

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