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Welcome to InTimeTV’s Affiliate Page. This is where you can sign up your association to have your own TV program over the Internet. InTimeTV can give your association its own one hour show every week for free. This program will allow up to 10,000 simultaneous viewers. These programs will air once a week and will be hosted by a member of your association. You decide the topics, the guests, and even who can watch. A show can be open to the public or kept private to just employees of the firm.

Membership associations are under tremendous pressure from many sides. Your members may have choices of which association or trade group to join. Hundreds of membership associations went out of existence in the 1990’s because they failed to adapt to a changing environment. The first decade of the 21st century may accelerate the many pressures on membership associations. 

You have to ask yourself every month; what value do we provide our members? What other organization can give value to our members? If you don’t have a clear answer to these questions you could be in big trouble in the near future. Here’s a few more questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do we have a membership magazine?
  2. Do we have a monthly or weekly e-zine?
  3. Do we run an internal blog?
  4. Can we run a webinar?
  5. Can we stream audio information?
  6. Can we podcast?
  7. Do we know how much it will cost?
  8. Does the management know what podcasts, webinars, and blogs are?

 If you answered no to some of these questions your organization may be in danger of being replaced faster than you think. InTimeTV can help your organization keep its leading edge or regain it. Your membership needs to receive information to keep up in today’s fast paced world. This information will be digital more often than not.

Technological experts say we live in a three screen society, your TV screen, your PC screen, and your cell phone screen. All three of these screens will be able to carry streaming video, which means your members can watch your TV program anywhere. The big question is who will stream programs to your membership? Your organization or the competition? If you want to lead your membership into the 21st century instead of your competition, we ask you to take the first step by filling out this form.

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