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Welcome to InTimeTV, where "Professionals Keep Engaged Worldwide."

Our programming aggregates like-minded communities, groups, and associations. We expect that the majority of these groups will be members within the same profession who have acquired similar training, degrees or certifications. The average viewer will belong to a membership association that meets once or twice a year at a large convention.

Unfortunately for traditional associations and their members, the world is moving much faster then a decade ago. The monthly magazine is no longer enough and besides, who can find the time to read all of them? Beyond magazines, e-zines, blogs, and podcasts there is the micro channel. The future for memberships is to communicate within their organizations the same way they get information outside of their organizations. This will be in the form of digital video delivered to where you work, where you live, or just where you are at the moment.

InTimeTV produces one hour talk shows, targeted at 'specialists,' in a variety of professions. We present programming for physicians, dentists, researchers, industry professionals, and many more. In the near future every professional will be able to engage members in his or her professional community in a weekly conversation. Audience members can be answering their email while viewing programs. During these shows, they can call in a question, email an answer to some one else's question, or text message a comment to the host of the show.
The InTimeTV format is extremely versatile, proven, and a powerful "real-time" communications tool!
Please explore the InTimeTV website to find out more and learn how you can get involved in conversations with your 'community.' We look forward to hearing from you... and perhaps even seeing you "on air!"


The material presented on all InTimeTV Medical shows is being made available by its Hosts and guests for discussional purposes only. The material is not intended to represent the only, nor necessarily best, method or procedure appropriate for the medical situations discussed but, rather, is intended to present an approach, view, statement or opinion of the Hosts and/or guests.

InTimeTV, LLC, and all who appear as a Host or Guest on InTimeTV disclaim any and all liability for injury or other damages resulting to any individual listening and/or viewing the content of its shows and for all claims that may arise out of the use of the techniques demonstrated therin by such individuals, wheather these claims shall be asserted by a physician or any other person.

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