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Like many of our viewers SOHO Today is also growing, and is being relaunched as a network.

Visit us now! Our new site is up, although we are still tweaking the design and adding content. Next month we will officially launch the site and we've got a bunch of new programming!

  • SOHO Today: stiill your show for current news, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our flagship show will still be hosted by Mary Joan Schultheisz, but returns in a 30-minute format.
  • Shut Up!: A round up of the most outrageous small business and entrepreneur headlines out there
  • He Said / She Said: Opposing points of view from married business couples on topics like finances, health care reform and other current news.
  • Small Business Juggler: Isn't this the real title for every small business owner? We take a look at the every-day challenges and how people manage them.
  • All Things Tech: The latest in technology and how it impacts you and your business
  • Contributions from some of the leading small business experts - including you!

Email us at info@sohotoday.net with questions, topics, and suggestions for guests.

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Human Resources on SOHO Today

SOHO Today is hosted by Mary Joan Schultheisz, and it's all about small businesses. Beginning in July 2009 SOHO Today can be seen live Thursday afternoons, and in the InTimeTV.com archives any time. So if you miss a show or want to refer a colleague or friend you’ll always be able to find us.

SOHO stands for Small Office, Home Office, and small business is the focus of this show. On SOHO Today we provide you with tips, tools and techniques for running and growing your small business. We explore topics like technology, financing and insurance, how to get started, how to grow and how to compete against larger companies.

Keeping It All In The Family: Family-based Businesses View the show here!

I was raised in a family-based business, I'm in business now with my husband, two of my best friends are in business with their husbands, and more than a few of NuZoo Media's clients are multi-generational businesses. I need more than two hands to count the number of family-based businesses that I know, and I bet you do, too.

SOHO Today next focuses on family owned/operated businesses, what issues they face, how do they identify these issues, how to deal with things like succession or exit plans, when the family and business relationships overlap, how do you balance between family and business, success factors and preventing potential problems.

Guest: Jean Stone, owner of Jean Stone Associates, Family Business Consultants.

Guest: William "Marty" Martin, Balanced Entrepreneur

Business Development Through Coaching View the show here!
Guest: Jason Rosado, Business Coach and Owner of Distinctive Coaching. Mr. Rosado has been successfully coaching people to assess leadership skills, hone management skills, and improve sales and client relationships.

Guest: Sarah Traan, Ambassador with FreeLife International. Ms. Traan has used coaching to successfully manage her business relationships internally and with customers, and climb the corporate ladder.

Setting Employees Up for Success View the show here!
Guest: Kathy Bennicoff, D.M., Vice President of CareerServices, Lincoln College of Technology.Ms. Bennicoff oversees the Career Services department. Ms. Bennicoff hasa Bachelor's in Education, and a Master's in Adult Education and a Doctorate inManagement.

Guest: Mari-Ann Deering, is a founding partner of HR FocusConsulting. She has over 25 years of executive-level experience in HumanResources. She has an MBA, a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, andshe has a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification from theHuman Resource Certification Institute.

Mentoring & Coaching To Help You Manage & Grow Your Small Business View the show here!
Guest: Steve Larrick, Best Practice Chair for Vistage International. Vistage specializes in executive and business coaching for medium and small businesses by providing access to a worldwide network of expert resource speakers, CEO peers, and executive learning workshops. 

Guest: Jennifer Mounce, President & Founder, Coach Effect
Ms. Mounce is an executive coach, author, and founder of Coach Effect, a leadership and organizational effectiveness boutique in Chicago and San Francisco. She has been coaching with small and medium sized businesses for 5 years and has a diverse background of experience working with business owners and executives. Jennifer brings 14 years of corporate senior-level human resource experience to her practice. Jennifer is a graduate of Coach University. She received her Bachelor's in Speech Communication from the University of Illinois; her Master’s in Human Resource Management from Loyola University in Chicago; and is a Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Guest: Armond Dinverno, Balasa Dinverno & Foltz LLC. Mr. Dinverno is a member of Vistage and will be talking about his experiences and how mentoring has helped him successfullly grow his business.

Topic: Hiring the Right Person: the Hiring Process, Interview Techniques — View the show here!
Guest: Kathy Bennicoff, D.M., Vice President of Career Services, Lincoln College of Technology. Ms. Bennicoff oversees the Career Services department. Each of Lincoln's individual campuses has a dedicated Career Services Department designed to assist students.

Guest: Charles F. Wonderlic, Jr., President and CEO of Wonderlic, Inc. He is the third generation to
lead this privately held company. Mr. Wonderlic has successfully transformed the organization from a pre-employment test publisher to a full-service HR solutions provider with revenues 30 times greater than when he took over the company in 1986.

Hiring Process

  • Job Analysis
    • Define your job and what you want in this employee
    • How are you going to use them
    • How much are you willing to spend
    • What slot are they going to fill, particular skills


  • Know what you want to learn from them
  • Map out questions
  • Ask for examples
  • Set up a rating scale so you can rate candidates equally: also protects you against any hiring lawsuit/legal
  • Use a pre-screen phone interview
  • Ask the money question: what is your range

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Topic: Finding Quality, Qualified Employees To Support Growth* — View the show here!
*This is part two of a one hour show please use scroll bar on video to view this topic

Guest: Carlos Baldizón-Martini - Career Services Advisor, The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago
Mr. Baldizón-Martini brings together companies, students and recent grads. The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago provides a free placement service and works with a variety of employers to help them find qualified, entry-level graduates.

Guest: Kathy Bennicoff, D.M., Vice President of Career Services, Lincoln College of Technology. Ms. Bennicoff oversees the Career Services department. Each of Lincoln's individual campuses has a dedicated Career Services Department designed to assist students.

Schools As A Resource

Carlos and Kathy both said that schools are an excellent resource because they offer a free service to employers in placing current students and alumni. It's also a resource that's equally beneficial to employers and to students and recent graduates. You know students can learn because they've completed an education, are able and willing to work. They've got references, attendance, grades, motivation in a real life situation. That's invaluable.

A lot of positives to help new and small businesses who don’t have a big budget.  Nothing is free, but this is a good service.

Responsibilities of the Hiring Manager

It's very important to communicate with Career Services the progress and success of hired students and recent grads and to inform them of any issues that may arise. Be honest to the person you're talking to or be realistic about what you're looking for, like what skills do you need, what is the person going to be doing.

Differences Between an Intern and a Recent Grad

One thing that company should understand is that part of their responsibility is training an intern. Look at skill level of intern. Taking on an intern is not free help. It can be a lot of work,you need to be prepared to give an awful lot, but it may be extremely rewarding.

Shouldn't bring on an intern if you need to hire somebody to do work. In Illinois it's not legal to displace a paid worker with an intern.

How To Find Someone

First find a school that offers the program that you want; use the Yellow Pages or go online.

If you call a school you can usually ask for "Career Services" although at some schools it could be called Student Services or Job Placement. At some larger colleges each department might have an individual unit to handle internships and alumni placement. Ask for an internship specifically if that is what you want.

Email us at soho@intimetv.com. Where do you find qualified employees? We want to know!

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Topic: Growing Pains: You Have To Crawl Before You Walk — View the show here!
Guest: Dawne Simmons, president of WordStorm Communications, Inc.
WordStorm is a business communications firm that specializes in written and verbal communications. Ms. Simmons is an award-winning speaker and speech writer with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of corporate communications.

Mary Joan and Dawne discussed the Business Plan and how important it is to small business owners. Below is an overview of what talked about, but for full details watch the show.

  1. why you need a business plan
  2. what sections make up a business plan
  3. resources to help you write your business plan
  4. what do you do after you've written it
  5. periodically reviewing it

Why You Need A Business Plan For Your Small Business

These include you need to secure a loan or a grant, and it gives you a road map for your business.

Business Plan Sections

Sections include the executive summary, the competitive environment, marketing strategy and a financial statement. For tips about each section watch the show.

Resources To Help You Write Your Business Plan

There are many on and off-line resources that will help small business owners successfully write a business plan. Some of these include the public library, the United States Small Business Administration, and SCORE.

You've Written It, Now What?

Have your business plan reviewed by people you trust. Don't give it to people who don't believe in your dream; instead of giving constructive criticism or advice they will be the ones who find the warts to stop you from pursuing your dream.

Review The Business Plan Periodically

As a start-up business review it quarterly, like doing taxes. Are you on track? Are the projections in alignment?

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