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SOHO Today is moving!

Like many of our viewers SOHO Today is also growing, and is being relaunched as a network.

Visit us now! Our new site is up, although we are still tweaking the design and adding content. Next month we will officially launch the site and we've got a bunch of new programming!

  • SOHO Today: stiill your show for current news, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our flagship show will still be hosted by Mary Joan Schultheisz, but returns in a 30-minute format.
  • Shut Up!: A round up of the most outrageous small business and entrepreneur headlines out there
  • He Said / She Said: Opposing points of view from married business couples on topics like finances, health care reform and other current news.
  • Small Business Juggler: Isn't this the real title for every small business owner? We take a look at the every-day challenges and how people manage them.
  • All Things Tech: The latest in technology and how it impacts you and your business
  • Contributions from some of the leading small business experts - including you!

Email us at info@sohotoday.net with questions, topics, and suggestions for guests.

What's your area of expertise? You never know, you could find yourself on the air!

Technology Episodes on SOHO Today

SOHO Today is hosted by Mary Joan Schultheisz, and it's all about small businesses. Beginning in July 2009 SOHO Today can be seen live Thursday afternoons, and in the InTimeTV.com archives any time. So if you miss a show or want to refer a colleague or friend you’ll always be able to find us.

SOHO stands for Small Office, Home Office, and small business is the focus of this show. On SOHO Today we provide you with tips, tools and techniques for running and growing your small business. We explore topics like technology, financing and insurance, how to get started, how to grow and how to compete against larger companies.

Topic: Using Technology To Compete: Skype, GOTO Meeting, Webinars — View the show here!
Technology has helped level the playing field for small business owners when it comes to doing business outside of our geographic region. Next on SOHO Today we'll be discussing technology like Skype, GOTO Meeting and webinars. These applications allow small businesses to communicate globally for pennies, enabling you to compete with larger companies, nationally and internationally, without the cost of travel, meeting rooms and long distance charges. We'll be demonstrating just how easy these tools are to use.

Guest: Bob Andreini, Owner of InfoPlanIT. As an owner of a small business technology company, Mr. Andreini uses tools like Skype and GOTO Meeting on a daily basis to communicate with national and international clients.

Guest: Bettenia Cole, Great America Networks Conferencing. Ms. Cole's company offers webinars, or online conferencing, and she is involved with sales, customer care and product demos. She has a double major in Finance and International Business from Illinois State University.

Guest: Maggie Baldino, Cayman Islands. Ms. Baldino and her husband own and operate several small businesses from the Cayman Island, and use Skype to run them internationally and also communicate with family in other countries.

Topic: Computer Tech for the Non-Tech Business Owner — View the show here!
Guest Host: Dawne Simmons, WordStorm Communications
Guest: Bill Weingarten, Owner of HomeTech Computer Solutions
Mr. Weingarten is the owner of HomeTech Computer Solutions, which has been providing service to home and small offices, and medium-sized businesses for 20 years.

How do you find somebody to help you out with your computer? When do you go from one computer to a network solution? Tune in to the show as we ask these questions, and many others, for small business owners who aren't tech savvy.

Topic: Backing Up Your Computer and Small Office Networking — View the show here!
Guest: Bill Weingarten, Owner of HomeTech Computer Solutions
Mr. Weingarten is the owner of HomeTech Computer Solutions, which has been providing service to home and small offices, and medium-sized businesses for 20 years.

If you haven't backed up your data lately, need specifics on back up systems, or had a recent system crash where you lost critical data tune in Dec. 12! In addition we're going to be talking about small office computer networking.

Tell us what back up system you're using, and if you've backed up lately!

Topic: Mobile Technology: Cell Phones, PDAs and More — View the show here!
Guest: Paul Amos, CEO of Omnicel Communications Corp.
Mr. Amos is the owner and CEO of Omnicel Communications Corp., a leading international distributor of wireless communication products, including smart phones, PDAs, and OEM accessories. Mr. Amos has a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Studies from Southern Illinois University.

We talked about mobile technology for the small business owner.

  • Smart Phones come at a higher price but when I asked Paul why somebody would spend so much on a phone he said convenience and that it replaces everything. As a small business owner you don't have to travel with a laptop or any other device when you go with a Smart Phone
    • Higher priced, $500 - $1500+
    • Windows based device, does some of the same programs like Word, Excel, etc., and you can access and change documents
      • There are Smart Phones with a different OS, but you can only read the Windows-based programs like Word, can't change those documents
    • Basically a computer synced up with a phone
    • Can access web and email with the push of a button
    • Has PDA functionality, personal assistant, store meeting info and print out or fax
    • Can fax from the phone
    • Comes with a USB so you can hook it up to your computer or printer and print
    • Ram can be up to 4 gigabytes
    • Can store music and movies
    • Has a camera
    • Can act like an iPod
    • Has GPS
    • Multiple manufacturers including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Erickson and LG (Lucky GoldStar)
  • Mid-range phones
    • $150 - $300
    • Some Smart Phone capabilities but much more basic
  • Basic phones
    • $100 +
    • Pretty much just for making and receiving phone calls
  • PDAs
    • Most of these capabilities are now in Smart Phones so this market seems to be slowing down
    • You'd have to carry 2 devices
  • Blackberries
    • This is a cell phone
    • Paul called this an email machine. Very popular in corporate environment where you need to send and receive email while traveling or in meetings
    • Can get GPS with it
  • Blue Tooth
    • Still the only wireless technology from an ear piece to your phone
    • There is a car version, too.
  • iPhone
    • Not as groundbreaking as all the hype, has a lot of the Smart Phone technology, not Windows based so can't change Word or Excel docs on it
    • It looks great and allows you to pick specific email that you want to see
    • Does games
    • Has touch screen technology that is now on the iPod too

Paul also told us about unlocked phones. Which basically means you can walk into any cell phone store, buy any cell phone, take out your sim card from your old cell phone and put it into the new one and that's it. But there are two main competing network technologies: GSM and CDMA and you need to make sure that your new phone is compatible with your carrier's network. The cell phone or electronics store staff will be able to help you with this.


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